Mission Mexico Projects


Computer Lab - Cochoapa
Pastoral Associate Training - Metlatonoc/Cochoapa
Training for Catechists - Xalpatlahuac

Emergency Funding

Emergency Flood Relief Fund - Tlapa Diocese

Health and Wellness

Ecology/Health - Tlatlauquitepec
Integrated Water Management - El Capulin and Acatepec
Natural Medicine - Colombia de Guadalupe
Natural Medicine - Escalerilla Laguna
Natural Medicine - Temalacatzingo


House Building - Tijuana

Human Rights

Micro-economic and Food Production

Banana Growing - Rancho Viejo
Banana-Growing Project - Tierra Colorada
Bee Hive and Honey Project - Tlapa Diocese
Cactus Growing - Cualac
Community Bakery - San Miguelito
Community Store - Tlapa
Embroidery - Cocoyul
Embroidery / Beading - Xalatzala
Embroidery Co-op - Tierra Colorada
Embroidery Co-op - Xalpatlahuac
Growing of Gladiolas - La Concepcion
Hog Production - La Soledad
Horticulture - Tierra Colorada
Photocopying Co-op - Paraje Montero
Rabbit Raising - Xalpatlahuac
Sewing & Handicrafts - Xkua Xtuti
Sewing and Embroidery - Tierra Colorada
Sewing Co-op - Malinaltepec
Sewing Co-op - Ojo de Agua
Sewing Co-op - Xalpatlahuac
Sugar Cane Project - Tierra Colorada